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July 12, 2017

Vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh-cut basil, creamy mozzarella: This Italian trinity composes caprese, arguably summer’s simplest and most sensational salad. But why stop there? Throw in some unexpected ingredients and enjoy the surprising flavors and seasonal flair they give this classic dish.

Every component counts for the pros at Cuisine Unlimited. For their riff on the classic caprese salad, they chose premium ingredients and fresh-picked additions to elevate the flavor and presentation of summer’s most savored salad. Hey, caprese lovers, give you any ideas?

House-Made Herbed Crostini

Seasoned Salt

Roasted Heads of Garlic

Fresh Blackberries

Organic Heirloom and Grape Tomatoes

Fresh Burrata Cheese

Shaved Watermelon Radishes

Creminelli Prosciutto

Kalamata Olives

We Olive Aged Balsamic (aged up to 18 years)

We Olive Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Baby Basil Leaves

Basil Flowers

Photo by Adam Finkle

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