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Beyond the White Kitchen

February 8, 2018

written by Brad Mee | photo Scot Zimmerman

Clean, bright and timeless, white kitchens have indisputably been a thing for some time now. But watch out —color is making its way into our homes and yes, into the kitchen. Design pros predict we’ll be seeing a lot less white and a lot more color; some are forecasting blue as the hottest hue.

This got us thinking: We featured a bold blue kitchen five years ago in”Escape Artists.” Check out the kitchen. Yup, those cobalt blue La Cornue cabinets and range were way ahead of their time. We loved them then and crave them now.

To read the full story, see: Escape Artists

Brad Mee

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    June 29, 2018

    Hi, first of all I really appreciate all the tips and styles I’ve found on this website! So thank you!

    I also have a question. How does Style&Design feel about using companies like N-Hance or WoodWorks Refurbishing to create these kind of looks on cabinets I already have??




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