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4 Things We Learned from “The Home Bar”

March 11, 2019

Here’s a toast to author Henry Jeffreys for his savvy and practical guide to “Designing, Equipping and Stocking your own Bar.” With witty narrative and beautiful photos, he delves into designing and equipping your perfect home bar, the cultural (and amusing) history of drinking, and 30 cocktail recipes—ranging from classics to cutting-edge.  

1: On Purpose

“A home bar isn’t really about practicality, it’s about showing off. It’s about entertaining, it’s about pretending that you are Humphrey Bogart or Joan Crawford for the evening.”

2: On Bitters

“A good way to think of bitters is as the salt and pepper of the cocktail cabinet, finishing off, bringing out flavors, sharpening things up.”

3: On Bar Carts

“It’s very hard for guests to say no when the trolley is in front of them and it’s ideal for the picky, as they can specify their drink just how they want it.” 

4: On Measuring 

“Making cocktails is an exact science; it’s more like baking than cooking. You should be suspicious of bartenders who do everything by sight.” 


1 fl oz fresh espresso

1 fl oz ice-cold vodka

1 fl oz Kahlua

First make a cup of espresso. Add lots of ice to a shaker, then add the vodka and Kahlua, stir and add the hot coffee. Shake hard and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with three coffee beans. Guaranteed to perk you up. 

Brad Mee



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