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Floral Tips: Conner Nesbit Does up Dahlias

August 1, 2017

Whether he cuts them from his garden or picks them at the farmers market, floral designer Conner Nesbit of Leuca Floral waits all year for fresh-cut dahlias. It’s no wonder he’s diligent about extending their lives in the vase. His three small tricks make a big difference.

Cut blooms in the cool morning or after sunset. Flowers dehydrate in the heat of the day and have difficulty recuperating when cut mid-day.

Place the end of each horizontally-cut stem (2-3 inches) in boiling water for several seconds. Don’t let steam hit the blooms. Immediately move them to a container of cool water.

To help prevent bacteria that shortens a cut flower’s life, choose a clean vase, strip the stem of leaves that are below the arrangement’s water level and change water every other day. Leuca Floral, Logan, 435-757-8059, @connernesbit

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