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Two New Options for Living in Salt Lake City

December 5, 2017

written by: Glen Warchol

For those living under rocks, Salt Lake City is in the midst of a housing crisis and the hardest hit is housing for the unrich. The city has announced the winners of a recent city competition in affordable housing, sponsored by Salt Lake City’s Housing Innovation Lab—created in 2016 reward innovation in affordable housing design, construction and finance.

Redfish Development won for N3 (shown above), a net-zero model that is powered by the sun with a minimalist, low-maintenance aesthetic.


AJR Atelier Jorg Rugemer’s Slim House won by providing optimal living on narrow lots while significantly reducing energy consumption and costs. The city has contracted AJR build the Slim House on a city-owned lot in 2018.

Utah Style & Design
December 6, 2017



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