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Photo Friday: Work Revitalized

March 15, 2019

Keeping and attracting the best and brightest is currently a challenge of many employers. A local business chose to renovate the office with the goal of creating a great place to work. The location of the brick building is convenient and pleasant for employees at the northern edge of Millcreek in a leafy neighborhood of residences and small businesses.

Architect Trent Smith, AJC Architects, lead the design, and Hennessy Construction (Brian Hennessy) built out the changes. The revitalization maximizes natural light, color and transparency.

The social spaces carefully consider function, size and needs for privacy as reflected in this reception area.

Similarly, the offices balance the need for privacy and concentration while recognizing the need for connectivity and collaboration.

The conference room design with the patterned glass wall allows for natural light and again, more visual connection with the rest of the office.

Photographing the office left me with the impression that serious work gets done there, but in a joyful manner. What better way to show employees that they are valuable and appreciated than to create a beautiful efficient workspace?

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Scot Zimmerman
Architectural photographer Scot Zimmerman has been photographing exteriors and interiors of homes, and commercial and public buildings across the United States for over 37 years. He is the principal photographer of eight books; over 40 periodicals have featured his work; and 11 museums have exhibited his photos. He’s fond of adventuring in the Southern Utah desert. Follow his work on Instagram: @scot.zimmerman



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