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Photo Friday: Be Mine, Valentine

February 2, 2018


words and photos by Scot Zimmerman

It’s that time of year when it’s easy to find oneself mumbling the pert platitudes etched into those deadly sweet heart-shaped multi-colored candies. You know the kind—the ones some kids put in the envelopes with their school valentines.

This week I am providing inspiration for celebrating February 14th romantically. Brave souls out there have already shopped for red construction paper, paper doilies, and glue and have the whole Valentine’s Day thing covered. But I want to prevent the other legions of lost romantics prowling the aisles of the grocery store late Valentine’s Day afternoon who may desperately wonder if a bag of lemons (on sale!) might adequately declare their love.

Flowers stand out as a generous gift this time of year, because, at least in our area, they can’t be snipped surreptitiously from the neighbors’ yards, as some of the beautiful blooms in my photos have been by someone much more talented in arrangements than me. (Well, actually he cut them with permission.)

A big step up from flowers is a romantic getaway. The hospitality industry knows how to promote romance. The photo above is the Inn of Five Graces in Santa Fe.

The elaborate rose petal heart is part of a special turndown service offered by Grand America that I photographed.

Another Park City hotel’s romantic turndown is a single stem.

My personal valentine recipient’s taste runs toward the outdoors and red rock country, so I include a view from the porch at the Sorrel River Ranch east of Moab.

When you are thanking the romantic partner in your life for all they do, a good way of doing it is to reward them with a block of time just to be pampered, and that spells spa. The Sky Lodge spa in Park City features side-by-side Japanese soaking tubs.

OK, I provided the encouragement, and the rest is up to you. Remember, there is still time to buy construction paper and I heard there are still doilies on the shelves.

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Scot Zimmerman
Architectural photographer Scot Zimmerman has been photographing exteriors and interiors of homes, and commercial and public buildings across the United States for over 37 years. He is the principal photographer of eight books; over 40 periodicals have featured his work; and 11 museums have exhibited his photos. He’s fond of adventuring in the Southern Utah desert.



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