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Photo Friday: Hardware Building Lifestyle

January 18, 2019

In 1909, Salt Lake’s Hardware Building caught the attention of the region and the nation for its size, graceful brick construction, and the amount of inventory on hand, dramatically reducing the wait people in the Western states had for building products. In the 1990s, a demand for downtown office space spurred a transformation of the building, and now it is again transformed to meet the current demand of the day, housing.salt lake hardware apartments


hardware apartments salt lake city

More than just convenient downtown housing along the Trax and  FrontRunner routes, the Hardware Apartments offer amenities rivaling a luxury hotel that are tailored for residents with busy schedules who embrace exercise and welcome the opportunity to become acquainted with other people living in the building.

hardware apartments

The concrete flooring and exposed beams give the space an urban loft look. Some of the units furnished as models offer Asian touches to the design.

hardware apartments

Just off the lobby on the main floor is the community lounge, and the high ceilings, chandelier, library wall, traditional upholstered furniture and antique tables combine to give it a grand lodge appearance.

salt lake hardware building apartmentsThis conversation area is partially partitioned by a freestanding metal wall with fireplace and television that contrast to the traditional furnishings.

salt lake hardware building apartments

The upstairs game area on the second floor overlooks the community lounge with a portion cantilevering over the lobby in a glass box.

salt lake hardware building apartment gym

salt lake hardware apartments gym

The fitness area encompasses two floors that offer weight training and yoga and fitness classes in addition an assortment of treadmills, cycles and other fitness equipment.

Because of the high ceilings and big spaces inherited from the historical building, photographing the project was very similar to my experience making photos of a historical hotel in South Carolina. There, too, furniture arrangements separated out social spaces in the large lounge. It’s nice to see the Hardware Building living on to provide much needed new housing.


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Scot Zimmerman
Architectural photographer Scot Zimmerman has been photographing exteriors and interiors of homes, and commercial and public buildings across the United States for over 37 years. He is the principal photographer of eight books; over 40 periodicals have featured his work; and 11 museums have exhibited his photos. He’s fond of adventuring in the Southern Utah desert. Follow his work on Instagram: @scot.zimmerman



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