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Photo Friday: A Cut Above

April 19, 2019

There are few better symbols of spring than bulbs emerging from the soil to break into color. After this snowy winter and slow-to-warm spring, I’m smiling a little broader than usual at the spring blossoms.


This week I explore how cut flower arrangements raise the impact of the photos and how the floral arrangements complement the design. In the opening the photo, the design is ample and rich, and the vase of peonies and mixed flowers spills petals in keeping with the almost over-flowing design.  (Credit to interior designer Don Brady)

Design by Cody Beal


The organic vases and single blooms are a counter point that doesn’t overwhelm the modern lines of this sleek bathroom. 

Design by Clive Bridgwater

The bold vase and tight arrangement stands up to the strong angles of the table and the prominent grain of the wood. 

Design by Cody Beal

The flowers add vibrancy against the neutral backdrop and black Asian ceramics. 

Design by Cody Beal

A ceramic pocket with a burst of agapanthus sits atop the narrow metal fireplace mantel to add drama to the photo. 

Design by Kristin Rocke

A handful of cut flowers add color and informality to the tabletop. Offsetting the stacked tableware additionally sets the informal tone. 

Design by Michele Dunker

In contrast, the symmetrical vase of hydrangeas mixed with carefully stacked plates offer more formality. 

Design by Michele Dunker

The arrangement achieves simplicity, variation and elegance. 

Design by Michele Dunker

These formal arrangements are in keeping with the classic elements of the architecture and furnishings. 

Design by Gregg Hodson

The formal arrangement with asymmetry from the trailing tendrils play well with the rich woods and gold tones in the drapes. 

Design by Gregg Hodson

The crystal vases and simple arrangements attract the eye in this tabletop shot.

Design by Gregg Hodson

The bold arrangement stands up to the orange of the dining table to become a focal point.  

Design by Michele Dunker

The color and shape of the flowers are vivid enough to draw attention from the patterned wallpaper behind. 

Designed by Michele Dunker

A different effect is achieved with this vase and arrangement, as it rests softly and unassumingly on the vanity table to draw more attention to the architecture and wall covering. 

Kristin Rocke

The red vases, roses, and hand-blown glass plates accent the red fabric. 


Browse more of Scot Zimmerman’s work here! 

Megan Bartholomew
Megan Hulse Bartholomew is the web editor for Utah Bride & Groom and Utah Style & Design magazines. She recently graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in English and Journalism, and is currently trying to catch up on 5+ years of pleasure reading.



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