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Larry Laslo’s New Glamour Combines Beauty with Ease

December 20, 2017

Larry Laslo, a renowned furniture designer and artist known for designing Bergdorf Goodman in the 80’s, sat down for a Q & A with Boca Raton magazine, our sister publication, and chatted about New Glamour. 


Let’s dig right in. First, what IS glamour?

You ask a great question. Glamour is so ineffable! What is it? Glamour is a carefully calibrated mix of style, luxury, drama and beauty. We all know glamour when we see it, don’t we? Think of classic glamour icons: Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Lauren, Cary Grant. And today, Brad and Angie—maybe tarnished a little since the split. Thankfully, we have George, Amal and the twins. The Clooney’s are glamorous indeed!

Read the full interview here.

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