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Inside Job: A Trendy Way to Send a Message

February 21, 2017

Make no mistake, a hand-written note tops a text any day of the week. And when delivered inside a beautifully lined envelope, a message means even more.


1. Classica Italiana Peacock Feather, $18 for 10 notecards and envelopes; 2. Kate Spade Flight of Fancy Stationary Set, $45, 10 notecards, 10 cards, 20 lined envelopes; 3. Gift wrap, $5 per sheet 4. Invito Penny and Floral motif, $68 box of 12 cards and lined envelopes; 5. Invito Balloon and Aqua Graphic pattern, $68 box of 12 cards and lined envelopes; Stationery and gift wrap from Tabula Rasa, SLC



Andrea Peterson
February 23, 2017



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