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Editor’s Note: Make My Day

June 22, 2018

I’d had better days at work. You don’t need the details, but just know that I’d had my fill of battling dangling modifiers, juggling deadlines and documenting gray’s decorative demise. It was Friday, and I was ready for the weekend and a reboot. Before clocking out, I headed to Park City to scout a home.

That’s when my attitude did a big 180. I pulled up to Gwen and Patrick Reddish’s surprising modern dwelling fronted by a vibrant, chartreuse-colored pivot door. Inside, the wildly creative architecture and design statements were just what I needed. charred cedar walls? Board-formed concrete? Vibrant colors? I was smitten.

I was similarly captivated the first time I saw Vince and Teresa Criscione’s house. I trekked up a steep, snowed-in driveway to reach the entry where Teresa warmly welcomed me at the front door and watched as I melted over the interior’s dazzling light and dynamic architecture. Sweeping views poured through slanted floor-to-ceiling windows, and a palette of modern forms and edited color calmed and excited me at the same time.

I felt the same thrill in Orem, when Dave and Larissa Allred proudly walked m through their family’s contemporary glass house. A mix of lively architecture, spirited spaces and energetic, personalized colors made it crystal-clear this high-style home was designed and built specifically for the young, active clan.

The fact is, expressive design always excited me, and one of the biggest perks of my job is finding it and featuring it in our pages. Another is the opportunity to meet homeowners who are passionate about creating and living with confident, personal style. This all comes to life in the following pages, where you’ll discover inspiring ideas you can adopt and make your own.

Brad Mee



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