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Mastering the Art of Interior Design

It takes a village to build a home. The architects compose the perfect structure, the contractors puzzle pieces into shape and the engineers wire it alive. And, of course, there are the interior designers. They work with the team, finessing functionality while creating the unique personality and special features that make a house a home….

Thomasville Furniture Introduces Ellen DeGeneres Line

With her bold, unabashed style and unique blend of humor, spontaneity and compassion, Ellen DeGeneres has danced her way into the hearts of millions of TV viewers worldwide, wearing her signature sneakers, of course. Now, thanks to the ED Ellen DeGeneres Home Collection by Thomasville Furniture, fans can incorporate Ellen’s unique personality and style into their homes, as…

Utah Images: Outdoor Beauty for Your Home

Very few business titles could more accurately describe a business than that of simply-named, but not singularly-focused Utah Images. “After spending years as a generalist shooting every sort subject imaginable, I decided to narrow my focus to places of interest within the state of Utah,” says owner and only employee Doug Pulsipher. “Even given these…

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