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Photo Friday: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Marin County Civic Center

This week found me going through my files for more images for the Frank Lloyd Wright documentary being prepared in Italy by an architect. Last week I posted photos of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House. This week the Marin County Civic Center offers an interesting contrast. What the buildings share is California’s mild Mediterranean climate,…

Photo Friday: Central Park Affordable

Everyone knows that the residences surrounding Central Park in New York City aren’t affordable. A short five years after building Central Park, the neighboring properties soured in value to become exclusive. However, in Utah’s “Central Park” terms, the Central Park Condominium project I am talking is affordable housing.   Affordable housing is now becoming a…

Photo Friday: Glass House

photo friday glass house slc

This sounds like a line for a comedian: Question: How do you photograph a glass house? Response: Very carefully.   However silly the joke, this is the case. The photographs must be composed and made carefully with full consideration of the glass, concrete, steel, and their connections. A good inspiration for making the photographs is…

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