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Photo Friday: Safe Shelter

There aren’t too many conversations these days that don’t eventually turn to the problems of affordable housing and the growing number of people without homes and on the streets. Shortly, a new center opens in Salt Lake to offer more than just safe emergency housing for 200 women. The Geraldine E. King Women’s Resource Center,…

Photo Friday: Fitting In

There’s an art to having buildings fit into an area.  Many unique architectural homes work well on a large lot where they can be appreciated as a solitary design within the contours of the property, and they don’t compete with other forms of architecture. Not so when an area is built up, or as in…

Photo Friday: Summer Skies

Long before there was Photoshop to alter reality, I had an East Coast magazine editor call a dramatic colorful sky a Zimmerman sky.  It became a joke around their office, and when they assigned a project they asked for one of my trademark skies. It’s not me; they just couldn’t believe what we experience as…

Photo Friday: An Hour Before

An hour after I packed up my equipment and headed for home, the family walked into their new home for the reveal, a tradition of the designer, where the family first experiences the totality of their new home: the floor and wall coverings, furnishings, accessories, and art in a dramatic presentation of their ready-to-move-in new…

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