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Photo Friday: Summer Skies

Long before there was Photoshop to alter reality, I had an East Coast magazine editor call a dramatic colorful sky a Zimmerman sky.  It became a joke around their office, and when they assigned a project they asked for one of my trademark skies. It’s not me; they just couldn’t believe what we experience as…

Photo Friday: An Hour Before

An hour after I packed up my equipment and headed for home, the family walked into their new home for the reveal, a tradition of the designer, where the family first experiences the totality of their new home: the floor and wall coverings, furnishings, accessories, and art in a dramatic presentation of their ready-to-move-in new…

Photo Friday: Addition Columns

Additions are tricky business, especially when it concerns a beautiful Federal Heights home with the artful classic detailing and woodwork that mark homes built at the turn of the twentieth century. Owners of historic homes don’t have to be reminded how much lifestyles have changed in a hundred years. For example, the kitchen of a…

Photo Friday: Chasing Butterflies

Poets call butterflies flowers with wings. Spending a morning at Thanksgiving Point’s new Butterfly Biosphere, the varied colors, patterns and shapes all took to the air in every direction surrounding me. Thanksgiving Point repurposed former retail space for the Butterfly Biosphere, and Okland Construction built the complex science complex. It only recently opened and is…

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