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House Tour: Modern Family

In Orem, a talented team pulls out all the stops to create a contemporary dwelling that’s fashionable, functional and, most importantly, family-friendly. When you hear the term “family home,” you likely picture a wholesome Leave it to Beaver-style abode. But today’s modern families are living in spaces that offer far more design drama than the…

6 Garden Design Ideas From Landscape Architect Jayson King

Photos by Alan and Whitney Wilbur Regardless of a project’s location, size, style or budget, landscape designer Jayson King begins, first of all, with two key considerations: the site and the client. When it comes to garden design ideas, respect the former while satisfying the latter, and success is guaranteed. In addition to that advice,…

On the Lamb: Worldly Lamb Flavor Makes it a Seasonless Favorite

Photos by Adam Finkle Last year, the Australian Lamb Board caused a big flap with an advertisement featuring Jesus, Ganesha, Moses, Zeus and other deities sitting together and enjoying a lamb feast. Understandably, the ad caused a lot of controversy, but the message was clear, no matter how you took the medium. Lamb is one…

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