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6 Ways to Get High Style and Functionality in Your Kitchen

Tom and Cara Fox’s new kitchen embraces the past without foregoing the modern-day functionality required by their young family. Cara offers insight into how she designed this space to be as serviceable as it is sensational. When Tom and Cara Fox designed and built their Holladay home’s kitchen, they looked to the past for inspiration….

House Tour: Modern Family

In Orem, a talented team pulls out all the stops to create a contemporary dwelling that’s fashionable, functional and, most importantly, family-friendly. When you hear the term “family home,” you likely picture a wholesome Leave it to Beaver-style abode. But today’s modern families are living in spaces that offer far more design drama than the…

House Tour: Bohemian Rhapsody

by Natalie Taylor Photos by Scot Zimmerman In Park City, a bucolic mountain property is the ideal setting for a contemporary home, where breathtaking nature, expressive materials and eclectic elements drive the compelling design. “It’s not how old you are, it’s how you are old.” This statement by author Jules Renard captures the challenge Gwen…

6 Garden Design Ideas From Landscape Architect Jayson King

Photos by Alan and Whitney Wilbur Regardless of a project’s location, size, style or budget, landscape designer Jayson King begins, first of all, with two key considerations: the site and the client. When it comes to garden design ideas, respect the former while satisfying the latter, and success is guaranteed. In addition to that advice,…

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