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On the Lamb: Worldly Lamb Flavor Makes it a Seasonless Favorite

Photos by Adam Finkle Last year, the Australian Lamb Board caused a big flap with an advertisement featuring Jesus, Ganesha, Moses, Zeus and other deities sitting together and enjoying a lamb feast. Understandably, the ad caused a lot of controversy, but the message was clear, no matter how you took the medium. Lamb is one…

9 Trendy Stools That Will Give Your Rooms Sensational Style

Imagine a piece of furniture that can serve as a nomadic seat, space-saving table, one-man ottoman and even an iffy step. That’s a stool. given its size, versatility, mobility and infinite styles, it’s no wonder we’re obsessed with these trendy stools, indoors and out. 1. Outdoor Safari stool by Link Outdoor, to the trade, John…

House Tour: Modern Interior Design and Daring Details Make a Park City Home Shine

Photos by Scot Zimmerman. Anne-Marie Barton knows how to make an entrance. For proof, one only needs to step through the front doors of her recent modern interior design project, a remarkably remodeled Park City home. Once a space completely open to the home’s great room, the new, spatially defined entry captivates with a dazzling…

Before & After: Updated Outdoor Living Spaces Give SLC Home a Paradise of Modern Gardens and Patios

Photos by Alan and Whitney Wilbur Mountain pasture or city garden. Suburban lot or sprawling estate. Regardless of a project’s location, size, style or budget, landscape designer Jayson King begins with two key considerations: the site and the client. Respect the former and satisfy the latter, and success is a sure thing. In this project,…

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