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Well Preserved: Savory Lemon Curd Recipe

Lemon’s high acidity means it can help slow food spoilage—that’s why a toss in lemon juice keeps cut fruits from browning. But because its natural acidity is always appealing, there are several ways to preserve lemon flavor itself—freeze lemon juice in ice cube trays, for instance, or dry lemon zest. Here are two of the…

Animal Magnetism

Animal-inspired accents and accessories give mountain style a shot of glam. They show up in luxed-out faux and natural materials, delivering texture and interest to even the most modest lodge. Acrylic antlers, $253 each; Phylum Design gold-gilded bison skull, $715; faux gold horn, $215; sheep hides, starting at $95 sq/ft; sheep skin wool rug, starting…