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Top It Off: Amp Up your Pumpkin Pie

  • Utah Style & Design
  • Food
  • Nov 15, 2018

Four easy-to-make toppings that will give your pumpkin pie a punch of panache. Pumpkin pie, a staple at every American holiday table, is most often served with pioneer plainness – no lattice, no streusel, no upper crust or crumble. But there’s no law against prettifying your pumpkin. And the easy secret is, you can buy…

Taste Test – Apples to Apples – Honeycrisp or SweeTango?

  • Mary Brown Malouf
  • Food
  • Oct 4, 2018

For years, Honeycrisp apples have reigned supreme—the advent of Honeycrisp apples in the grocery stores was the produce equivalent of Le Beaujolais est arrive in the wine stores. This year, there’s a challenger. Behold the SweeTango. SweeTango Apples are being hailed as the successor to the mightyy Honeycrisp. I was sent a sampling of six SweeTango Apples, wrapped and cushioned as…

Go-To Grill Tools

by Mary Brown Malouf We love summer, grilling and fresh-from-the-garden foods. No wonder we get so fired-up when they join forces. This season, think beyond the beef and go to your yard or the farmers’ market to get fresh-picked goodies for the grill. But in order to grill, you’ll need some quality grill tools. Here…

On the Lamb: Worldly Lamb Flavor Makes it a Seasonless Favorite

Photos by Adam Finkle Last year, the Australian Lamb Board caused a big flap with an advertisement featuring Jesus, Ganesha, Moses, Zeus and other deities sitting together and enjoying a lamb feast. Understandably, the ad caused a lot of controversy, but the message was clear, no matter how you took the medium. Lamb is one…

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