Tired of mowing, watering and trimming?  Maybe it's time to consider whether or not a (fake) lawn by any other name would look as neat.



Artificial lawns are becoming the go-to accessory for many gardening enthusiasts who are ready to ditch the time spent watering and save the gas guzzled mowing.  Not only does synthetic grass trim down your water bill and reduce your carbon footprint, it gives your lawn a perpetually pruned feeling. Don't wait until autumn hits and the world looks as if it's behind dull-colored glasses to consider giving your yard this year-round treat.




  • Stunning, ever-green grass
  • Decrease water consumption (millions of gallons of water are drained into lawns every year)
  • Cleaner Air (running a lawn mower for an hour contributes 11X the pollution that a car does)
  • No need to mow, water, reseed, weed or fertilize—ever again.
  • Countless options: think putting-green, summertime, early spring or anywhere in between.




  • Expense (the price tag for synthetic grass can get pricey, but considering you'll never have to dish out dimes to maintain home-grown turn, fake lawns might just be the cheaper option)
  • Backlash (believe it or not, neighbors, friends and family might not be onboard with you're synthetic change)
  • The "plastic rustle" (some fake lawns make a plastic-like sound unless watered down, defeating the purpose of water preservation)

UPKEEP:  While you wont need to mow it, here is a list of tools you will need to keep your synthetic lawn looking good.

  • Leaf Blower- best way to remove leaves.
  • Vacuum Cleaner- It is similar to an indoor carpet, you will need to vacuum to get rid of dirt, soil, and small dangerous objects.
  • Rake- Best to removes branches and larger objects.
  • Stiff Bristle Push Broom- Helps fluff up the grass, especially in high traffic areas.
  • Garden Hose- You wont need to water your lawn, but you will still need to hose off soil, mud, food and drink spills, and pet droppings.
  • Weed Killers- You will still need this for the edges.
  • Turf Sanitizers- can be purchased in local garden supply shops and are ideal to inhibit growth of bacteria and fungi.
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Home Depot: $348+ (7.5 ft. x 13 ft.)

Lowes: $149+ (5 ft. x 7.5 ft.)

Purchase Green:$1.99 - $3.75 (per square foot)