The Art

Oil paintings dressing Pallet’s walls were commissioned to Courtney Derrick, talented Utah artist and wife of co-owner Rocky. Her works range from landscape and still life to portraits, including that of Utah frontiersman Porter Rockwell. Speaking to the era, the canvases of assorted sizes and subjects appear random as if collected over time from old homes. The artist worked with Cody, who specified the works’ muted tones to foster the eatery’s period vibe and moody quality. “We wanted the art to flow with the space rather than to be a focal point or a distraction,” says Courtney.

The Food 

Working with chef Buzz Willey, Rocky and Eastman came up with a menu that puts the restaurant’s aesthetic principles—character and comfort—on the plate. So while the food is certainly stylish and in tune with current trends—including locally sourced food, gluten-free dishes and vegan and vegetarian options—the menu never veers into the challenging. Seared scallops are unconventionally served with stone fruit and salted caramel, but a New York steak is pepper-crusted and comes with truffle fries. Like the décor, the food at Pallet is based on classics, rethought and re-envisioned through new eyes.

Don’t Miss

Stationed in the restroom corridor, an antique typewriter serves patrons wishing to type messages and tack them on the wall for others to read. Equally as charming, a wall-mounted serving station mimics the shape of Utah and is illuminated by a pendant light marking the location of the Great Salt Lake. USD