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berry tones

Tones to Watch for This Berry Picking Season

October 4, 2019

Loving today’s reds but want something less razzle-dazzle, more comforting and moody? Deep berry tones deliver. From wine to cherry, plum to raspberry, these saturated hues satisfy cravings for seductive, cozy colors that can rouse a room without overwhelming it. 

berry tones
Photo: Adam Finkle

Left to right:  1. Croco from thesign  2. Sinta Ruby from Zoffany  3. Clark from Sahco  4. Balmoral from Casamance  5. Jarabina from Raoul Textiles  6. Royal Velvet from thesign  7. Crosstown from Donghia  8. Lennox from thesign  9. Impuntura from Brochier  10. Decadence from Donghia  11. Caresse from Casamance  12. Balboa from Sahco  13. Up and Down from Donghia  14. Cappella from thesign  15. Vendramin from Rubelli. 

Work your walls

Radicchio, No. 96, Farrow & Ball

berry tones

Dark Burgundy, 2075-10, Benjamin Moore

berry tones

Cherries Jubilee, SW 6862, Sherwin-Williams

berry tones

Cherry Berry, DE 5034, Dunn-Edwards

berry tones

Wine Not, MQ1-02, Behr

berry tones

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