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9 Wood Themed Products We Are Loving

March 14, 2019

It’s no surprise that wood continues to rule the world of decorating in 2019. In all shades and finishes, wood delivers the warmth, authenticity and connection to nature we currently crave for our homes.

1. Kennedy Wood Pendant light, $870, Crate & Barrel, Murray

2. Estelle Chair,$1.069, San Francisco Design, SLC 

3.Palazzo wood-veneer wall covering by Phillip Jeffries, to the trade, phillipjeffries.com 

4. Domicile F Stool,$1,785, LMK Interior Design, SLC 

5. Jewelry boxes,$154 and $308, Tabula Rasa, SLC 

6. Flask,$38, Arte Haus Collectif, SLC 

7. Living in Wood by Chris van Uffelen, Braun Publishing, $50, Ward & Child—The Garden Store, SLC

8. Wooden link centerpiece,$228, Alice Lane Home Collection, SLC 

9. Demi Lune Console by Mimi London, to the trade, John Brooks Inc., SLC 

Brad Mee



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